Me infront of a wall cloud

Image Stuart Robinson 2004

I'm 34 and have had a keen interest in the weather and the environment for as long as I can remember. My interest continued to grow over the years, leading to an environmental sciences degree, a large portion of which was the study of weather and climate. I'm now quite heavily involved with the online weather community, being an owner of UKweatherworld and sitting on the executive of TORRO.

I enjoy pretty much any kind of weather, particularly if it's out of the ordinary, but my biggest passion remains with snow, thunderstorms and severe weather, though I like a bit of climatic research thrown in too.  Over the past few years I've developed a much keener interests in storm chasing and photography, something that I hope I can share with you in these pages.  I've had the good fortune of taking trips into Europe and tornado alley, USA in search of the severe weather we're usually lacking in the UK.  I've not yet caught a tornado on camera... but it's only a matter of time! ;-)

Hope you enjoy the site.

Sam Jowett