Coalville & Whitwick Weather Station

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Coalville, NW Leicestershire: 157m ASL, 52.72N, 1.35W

Hardware: Davis Vantage Pro 1         Software: Weather Display 10.37R

Using Main Data File which updates every minute, page refreshed every ten.
Times always in GMT, add 1 hour during BST.
Coalville & Whitwick WeatherCamThe location of Coalville & Whitwick Weather Station

Last update: 13/12/2016  19:11 GMT with 94% reception

Mist & Fog possible

Relative Humidity: 100%

NW Leicestershire Weather Forecast:

increasing clouds with little temp. change. precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hrs.

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The view to the North-West

Coalville & Whitwick Weathercam

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10.9°C (0.0°C/last hr)

Grass Temperature


Dew Point (Wet Bulb)

10.9°C (10.9°C)

Relative Humidity



3.5 mph gusting to 16.0mph from NNW


1016.0 mb (Last hour: +0.3mb/hr, Last 6 hours: -0.5 mb)


Current rain rate: 0.0mm/hr giving 0.0 in the last hour and 2.0 mm since midnight.