Coalville & Whitwick Weather Station

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Coalville, NW Leicestershire: 157m ASL, 52.72N, 1.35W

Hardware: Davis Vantage Pro 1         Software: Weather Display

Coalville & Whitwick WeatherCam

The location of Coalville & Whitwick Weather Station

Since the 31st May 2006, Coalville and Whitwick weather station has been located on the SE side of the town of Coalville in the Charnwood Hills of NW Leicestershire, at about 157m above sea level. This is around 2 miles S of the original site occupied since December 2004, which had an altitude approximately 12m lower. This location is between the Soar Valley and Leicester to the S & E, and the Trent Valley to the N. Given its extra altitude with nearby hills peaking above 200m above sea level, it has a unique microclimate for Leicestershire. As a result, less extreme temperatures than lower lying areas tend to occur, whilst precipitation is often greater. With the Trent Valley running away to the NE and the Cheshire plain to the NW, it is also fairly exposed when the weather is coming from these directions. This was particularly apparent during the winter of 2004/2005 for example, when persistent northerly quadrant winds brought snow to the hills, whilst the valleys either side remained green for the most part.

The hardware used is a wireless Davis Vantage Pro 1, purchased from UK Weather Shop, that updates this site using Weather Display software.

Unfortunately, without a large field available to me, the weather station is located within my back garden, resulting in an exposure that could be improved upon. For the period December 2004 to May 31st 2006, the main sheltering effect was on wind speeds, resulting in values approximately half that in the open and directions dominated by NW and SE. Wind readings should be a little more accurate since the 31st May 2006, with slightly less shelter than previously. All other readings are considered accurate however, the fan aspirated housing dealing with the shelter problems with regards the recording of temperatures and the rain gauge being sufficiently well exposed to avoid missing all but light, wind blown drizzle. As the exposure of the station is similar in Coalvile to previously in Whitwick, the contiguity of the archive should be largely unaffected.